What is a MAT Release?

Laura Malm March 5, 2017

MAT release, matte release, syndicated content, advertorial – however you spell or say it, this PR tool is meeting the needs of the shifting landscape of America’s newspapers and media outlets.

Even though MAT releases have a long history, for many people this communication tool is a new concept. Because it has evolved tremendously over the last several decades and offers impressive outreach potential, let’s take a step back.

So what exactly is a mat release?

A MAT release is typically a 500- to 700-word feature article geared to a consumer audience. MAT releases traditionally appeared in print newspapers to complement staff-written material. Because more people are reading news online, today’s MAT releases include online placements on media sites as well.

While many newspapers have cut staff, the need for intriguing copy that attracts readers and advertisers remains. MAT releases are used by editors to supplement staff-written stories often in feature sections like home and garden, automotive, food/cooking, health and wellness, and other consumer-oriented areas.

Editors like MAT releases because they provide high-quality content at no cost and with little to no editing necessary. Here are some great tips for creating a MAT release that editors will love and pick up. Companies or PR agencies that sponsor releases believe that they provide a credible way to achieve broad editorial coverage on topics related to key products and services.  While there is a cost to the company or PR agency, it is typically much lower than equivalent advertisement costs at the same media outlets.

Can a MAT release help you achieve your goals? From small startups to Fortune 500s, companies of all sizes have benefited from mat release distribution with Brandpoint. Learn more about the increasing use of paid media in the PR world and how PR pros can use it most effectively in this video.

Laura Malm March 5, 2017

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